Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Scrap Supplies Lost and Found

I had my scrap supplies stored two ways. First I had a file structure for each scrap designer whose supplies I own. I considered this my backup file. Next Iorganized the parts of these I like into categories of supplies. So Alphas-Brushes-Frames-Word Art, etc and then categories within. In March, the organized supply files simply disappeared. I tried scouring the EHD and searched all other folders, just in case they simply got dragged somewhere else. It was a huge supply so I am pretty certain they were not deleted because I would have received the question "too big for the recycle bin" but I didn't. CYBER SPACE, your name is mud.

At first I was devastated but in searching around for options, I discovered Kayla Lamoreaux's Lightroom for Memory Keepers. Learning Lightoom was on my list of things to do this year. So I began by listening to her videos and following her instructions. That is huge good news. I am hooked.

But the best part of this is discovering scrap supplies I forgot I had. I am taking it slow and perusing the designers that I really like and importing their stuff first. It has given me an opportunity to do some cleaning house and the tagging reduces all of the duplicating that I use to do when a supply fit 2 categories.

Here is a sample of the LR screen with one of Julia Makotinsky's kits called Art Fusion 2.

I can click on Julia's name and all of the supplies I have by her will come up or I can click on a particular kit or green paper or alphas. The choices and ways of viewing supplies are endless. So far, I am loving this. It is a a bit of work but I am moving slowly.

Tune in again and I will show you some fun things.

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