Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Are we done yet?

A few of the things that are sooooo Ireland and fun things along the way!

Monday, August 15, 2016


Today, we walked our fannies off out and about Kilkenny. We walked throught the ruins of what had been the Jerpoint Abbey. Fortunately we coule climb the stairs because the view of the country side were quite nice. We also stopped at St Canice's Cathedral but did not climb the watch tower. It required youth and stamina. We had the promise of lunch.

And then their was Kilkenny Castle which was built in 1195. I am always stunned when I consider the age of these beautiful buildings in all  of Europe. How they were ever constructed, considering the tools they had then and that they remain in existance.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


I love Waterford crystal and really wanted to see how this beautiful glass was made. The rest of the group didn't want to go but Brenden agree to take Rick and me there. It was a short buss ride south. 

The Waterford factory was very interesting. I learned that Waterford is not just made in Ireland anymore but is also made in other parts of Europe. This factory mostly made the one of a kind trophy glass, which they always make two of...just in case.

We were able to see the glass melting phase, then pouring it into molds, some blowing and the etching which was done by the master craftsman. There was a showroom with some of the pieces that were made for world events. It was truly fascinating.