Monday, April 28, 2014


I have a lot of catching up to do to tell my family stories. One of the ways I do this is with templates. This one was designed by Anna Aspnes and can be found here.  I especially love her templates because they are artsy yet she has done all of the work. I load this template into Photoshop, rename it so I don't lose the original and then drag photos onto and clip them to the various spaces on the template. I can resize photos on the fly in PS. When all of the photos are in, I look for a digi paper that fits the theme and colors of the photo. In this case, I blended two of Anna's papers fro the Art Palette H2O kit. I added a slight hue adjustment which is as easy as sliding a bar. Next I dragged one of her scratch edges on to of the paper layer. Finally I add my story, date the event and BINGO, I am finished.

This is about a d ay spent with Nick at the several California beaches this past January. Love it!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cousins and then some...

I remember this time like it was yesterday. My brother, SIL and niece Anne came for Caite's Baptism. Anne had not been around babies all that much and was fascinated. She followed me, well really the baby, around most of the time. I'm glad we snapped this photo as she looks so BIG holding this tiny baby. This is the 6th challenge for the Stashbusters class. The heart was to be filled with buttons. I chose a paper that resembled buttons and blended it with another for this deep pink color. I reduced the opacity to lighten the impact of the frame on the photo. The kit is Kristen Rice's Teen Spirit.

I love this memory.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Dandy Boys

I love a play on words, in this case with title and brush element in the layout. These are a couple of really cute photos I have of the boys and their dad and the boys with their cousins at the precious age of 3 and 4. I love their shyness and nothing better than 4 little boys all lined up in a row. Too sweet!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crazy Mixed Up Get Up

This is the forth challenge in the Stashbusters class. We were to create a word tag border. The original template included a border of book plates but I find them unrealistic in digi work so I used some fun word art and a bunch of different frames instead.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


These are photos from When Nick was in a toddler pre-school program at Visitation Academy. It was a Montessori program and they learned real life skills such as cleaning windows. Too bad the skill and desire didn't last all the way through high school. LOL This is the third challenge in the Stashbusters class I am taking at Big Pictures. I adapted the template which was developed by our instructor Aly Dosall. I used paper from a digi kit by One Little Bird. I like the chevron and the beautiful bright colors of these papers.

Monday, April 14, 2014

At the Patch

I get a lot of scrapbooking done when I take a class. So sign me up. I am at Big Pictures taking a stash buster class but since my stash is mostly digital, I won't ever bust it but I am cleaning house and throwing things out. YEAH! These are some of my favorite pictures from this era.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sun Glasses Required

This should be posted on Throwback Thursday but then again since I'm still scrapping 1989  they're all throwbacks. Glad I didn't throw them back. haha This was a Polaroid pic originally. A tad grainy but it is the memory. Gotta have it.