Monday, April 29, 2013

Lightroom Update

I am continuing to load supplies in Lightroom.
I am adapting as I move forward.
I know this about my scrapping self:
  • Scrapping is about recording the stories and photos. All the rest is support stuff.
  • I always use a background paper.
  • I almost always use a template.
  • I rarely use an alpha kit. I prefer using fonts.
  • I love all kinds of clipping masks and brushes, which I often use as a clipping mask.
  • I don't use too many elements.
  • My favorite elements are frames, stitching and staples.
  • If I use a number of elements, alphas or the like, they will probably come from the same kit as the paper. I don't like to spend too much time on the search.
That said, as I upload the kits to Lightroom, I tag
  • the preview page in a preview only section;
  • the preview page in a holiday section, example Christmas, Halloween, if appropriate;
  • the preview page in a themed section, example school, sports, travel, if appropriate;
  • the entire kit, under the designers name and kit name;
  • then I pick and choose the rest of the tagging;
  • I only tag things I like a lot, usually the things I use a lot.
  • I also tag templates.
Not tagging every single item speeds the process. Having the entire kit loaded under designer and kit name gives me access to the entire kit. Not everything will show up on a more details search.

So when I begin a LO, I look at the photos I want to scrap and choose a template. Clip the photos in and journal the story. Next I look for a paper for the background. This might be a color or a holiday or a theme. In every case, what I choose can lead back to the kit it is contained in. There I can see the rest of the stuff. So no need to tag every single item.

Here is an example. The template is from Anna Aspnes and includes a spot for a large photo and several smaller. You can move things around as you need but this template is so artistic that loading the photos and selecting a paper background is all that is needed.

Check back for more on Lightroom next week.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Snickers, not snicker...

Another layout using one of Cathy Zielske's templates.
I added the photos, the story and the background paper which is from Jomi's kit Embrace.
I am loving the Lightroom storage of my scrapping supplies. I'm finding things I didn't remember having and so quickly.

It really is about telling the story.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Begin at the Beginning

which for me is generally a template. I like both gridded or free flowing. For me, scrapbooking is about photos and storytelling.  Here is a clean and simple template that I began with.

Here are the steps I took:
  • found a fun paper for the background that fits the theme of the page and serves as a  border;
  • clipped pictures to the black boxes on the left side;
  • eliminated the box borders around the green boxes;
  • clipped paper to the green boxes that I selected to repeat the red in the background paper;
  • replaced the frame on the black box on the right with a fun frame;
  • inserted a color in the box also selected from the background paper;
  • along with a number and some text;
  • recolred all of the box borders red to add to repetition.
 Here is the page, done rather simply and quickly.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Scrap Supplies Lost and Found

I had my scrap supplies stored two ways. First I had a file structure for each scrap designer whose supplies I own. I considered this my backup file. Next Iorganized the parts of these I like into categories of supplies. So Alphas-Brushes-Frames-Word Art, etc and then categories within. In March, the organized supply files simply disappeared. I tried scouring the EHD and searched all other folders, just in case they simply got dragged somewhere else. It was a huge supply so I am pretty certain they were not deleted because I would have received the question "too big for the recycle bin" but I didn't. CYBER SPACE, your name is mud.

At first I was devastated but in searching around for options, I discovered Kayla Lamoreaux's Lightroom for Memory Keepers. Learning Lightoom was on my list of things to do this year. So I began by listening to her videos and following her instructions. That is huge good news. I am hooked.

But the best part of this is discovering scrap supplies I forgot I had. I am taking it slow and perusing the designers that I really like and importing their stuff first. It has given me an opportunity to do some cleaning house and the tagging reduces all of the duplicating that I use to do when a supply fit 2 categories.

Here is a sample of the LR screen with one of Julia Makotinsky's kits called Art Fusion 2.

I can click on Julia's name and all of the supplies I have by her will come up or I can click on a particular kit or green paper or alphas. The choices and ways of viewing supplies are endless. So far, I am loving this. It is a a bit of work but I am moving slowly.

Tune in again and I will show you some fun things.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bigs and Littles...

all serve a purpose, just like Basketball.

I love using templates that allow me to choose one photo that can be made large. The rest become supporting images. As we all know, many photos just aren't that great but they do the work of telling the story. So love me two page templates that incorporate both. Here is an example.
Big and little...


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Now and Then Stories

I love contrasting two events. Call them Now and Then. Here is an example.

This is what the weather looked like on a wonderful day in February. Unexpected and beautiful enough to capture. One week later, imagine waking up to this type of day.

It's fun to record the changes in weather, or events or people over time.
What's in your history?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Telling Stories Even When You Aren't There: Running in Asheville

Nick lived in Asheville, NC for a year. It's hard not being a part of your children's lives on a regular basis. A local photographer happened to snap this image of my boy running a 10K which Nick sent to me. I took the liberty of scrapping it. It's nice to continue telling their stories in our life journal.