Monday, April 29, 2013

Lightroom Update

I am continuing to load supplies in Lightroom.
I am adapting as I move forward.
I know this about my scrapping self:
  • Scrapping is about recording the stories and photos. All the rest is support stuff.
  • I always use a background paper.
  • I almost always use a template.
  • I rarely use an alpha kit. I prefer using fonts.
  • I love all kinds of clipping masks and brushes, which I often use as a clipping mask.
  • I don't use too many elements.
  • My favorite elements are frames, stitching and staples.
  • If I use a number of elements, alphas or the like, they will probably come from the same kit as the paper. I don't like to spend too much time on the search.
That said, as I upload the kits to Lightroom, I tag
  • the preview page in a preview only section;
  • the preview page in a holiday section, example Christmas, Halloween, if appropriate;
  • the preview page in a themed section, example school, sports, travel, if appropriate;
  • the entire kit, under the designers name and kit name;
  • then I pick and choose the rest of the tagging;
  • I only tag things I like a lot, usually the things I use a lot.
  • I also tag templates.
Not tagging every single item speeds the process. Having the entire kit loaded under designer and kit name gives me access to the entire kit. Not everything will show up on a more details search.

So when I begin a LO, I look at the photos I want to scrap and choose a template. Clip the photos in and journal the story. Next I look for a paper for the background. This might be a color or a holiday or a theme. In every case, what I choose can lead back to the kit it is contained in. There I can see the rest of the stuff. So no need to tag every single item.

Here is an example. The template is from Anna Aspnes and includes a spot for a large photo and several smaller. You can move things around as you need but this template is so artistic that loading the photos and selecting a paper background is all that is needed.

Check back for more on Lightroom next week.

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