Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Funny Story Remembered

I was reminiscing with my son today about my favorite Easter tale. It involved him and is told here.

Happy Easter, one and all.
And, may the sun shine!

Monday, April 18, 2011

More Chihuly...

I have so many wonderful images of this exhibit. This is one of my favs.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chihuly Revisited

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Missouri Botanical Garden when the Chihuly glass was mingled with the garden plants. It was spectacular. Here is a piece of the show.

Monday, April 11, 2011

What's Not to Like About the Oregon Coast...

I love the opening photography of CSI: Miami. This LO was totally inspired by that work. Too bad I can't animate it like they do. But then, this would not be nearly as simple and peaceful.

Peace out!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

On Favorite Colors

When asked about my favorite color, there was no pause... I have never found a shade of blue that I don't like. Marry it to a cheddary orangy shade and life is good. What's your favorite color?

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I love this LO, especially how the swirl wraps through the title. But in the end, I really like the concept of volunteering. What are you doing for your community?

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Seven Wonders

When asked the question  "There are seven wonders of the world. Which are mine?" I answered:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Favs of Mine

This is one of my favorite LOs of all times. The question posed was to scrap my strengths...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back in the Day...

These are some of my favorite scrapbook pages. They are examples of how I like to digi book. Begin with a good story and grab the photo memory. Then add digi supplies to support the script. Create a good focal point and then arrange all in an artful way through use of good design principles.

I hope you enjoy the review. Feel free to leave a comment. They are free :)

The Berlin Wall Falls

This is another thing that I plan to include in each year,  a summary of the things happening in the world and at MILRECAN World Headquarters in St. Louis. It's fascinating to remember what was actually happening then.

A family mug, 1989