Monday, February 25, 2013

Fast Scrap

I generally make two types of books: travel and family books that are generally in chronological order. In both cases and for speed, I most often use templates.

For a single event book, my approach is:
  1. set up a file with a variety of templates and a number of background papers;
  2. include drop shadows on all the photo spots on the template;
  3. look at the photos to determine if more portrait or landscape spots were needed; 
  4. place the photos on the template and clip them to the mask;
  5. size and straighten them on the page;
  6. select from background papers included in the file, many were the same and simply recolored in PS 
  7. select and use just a few fonts and font sizes;
The slowest part of this process is the journaling. It helps to keep a journal while on your trip. One of my SILs writes about the day at the end of each day. I like that idea.

I like to make a two page spread for each place or activity. One page is a large single photo  from the event. The other side is a collage of images that tell the story.

In the end, doing any type of photo book is an opportunity to clean out photo files. Storage in a PC while not messy, is not free. It is also clutter. How many photos of an event do you really need. Don't be a hoarder. haha

Here are a few examples from my New Zealand trip and book.


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