Thursday, February 28, 2013

2011 Fast Scrap Decisions

Did I mention that I am about 25 years behind. To remedy this, I have a plan. :)

I have bits and pieces of a lot of years mostly because i entered a challenge or took an online class or followed someone's tutorial. Now, I want to finish these starts and the years they are a part of and have it printed.

I would like each book to include 2 years. My current plan is to start with 2011/ 2012 and have them printed together. I chose these because my memory of them is fairly current. I've lost some of the details of years back so why start there.

 I have very organized photo files. (By year, month, event)

For each book, I plan to select a template pack and stick with it throughout the book. I think this lends itself to some continuity within the book. For efficiency, I copy the templates to the photo file. It makes opening things in PS so much faster.

For the 2011/2012 book, drumroll please...I've chosen Anna Aspnes Month in Review templates.
These templates are the best because they come in a two page spread. that means the right and left side go together. Brilliant! By Anna, for me. After reviewing my photos for the story I am telling, I find one of the templates that will fill the bill. The beauty of using templates is the fast starting place. You can flip them or eliminate a photo or stretch one to make it bigger. They are very versatile. Pick a background paper, add elements and then tell your story.

To make things easy, I usually stick with the same couple of fonts and font sizes for the book.
Hey, I am just trying to make things happen and for me, it's all about the photos and stories.

Here are a couple of examples:


Thanks for looking! Comments are welcome! You're the best!

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