Friday, June 1, 2012

Auckland Endings

Driving in Auckland was white knuckle time. It took us forever to figure out how to get on the road to our hotel going in the correct direction. We had a lot of luggage to unload and we needed to be by the front door. No easy feat. Our hotel was a highrise apartment overlooking the harbor. The views were amazing as you can see from this first image.

We decided to spend our time in Auckland on a walkabout. We toured the harbors and parks and the art museum.This boat is from Wisconsin, a long way from home but then so are we.

Of course we spotted Nike Town, a must for us in any large city. Auckland reminded me of St Louis when I was growing up. It seemed a blast from the past. They were preparing for Christmas but the store windows actually had beautiful window displays instead of gobs of merchandise. I loved this.

For our final evening in New Zealand, we had dinner in the Sky Tower. It's a whole lot like the Space Needle in Seattle. We are really glad we chose to do this as the views of the city were spectacular and so nice to see as the sun set.

New Zealand has been spectacular. So many cities, each with their own unique spin. I think the people of NZ are it's most significant asset. They are kind, they are fun, they are real. New Zealand, we love you and thanks for sharing you space and place with us!!!

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