Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Real Sheep Wear Fuschia?

I did not want to leave New Zealand until I had sheared a sheep. Really, that's not so odd. With time to kill because of canceled golf, we discovered Sheep World. Tell me, how could you miss this place with fuschia sheep out front. Talk about colorful marketing! We experienced the entire process. It begins with the dog whose job it is to round up the sheep. He does this without a word or is that a bark. He has good parenting skills. He turns them over to the dog who very noisily corrals the cowering sheep into the corner. Is this dad vs mom?

Then on to the shearing. Seems there is a spot on a sheep's side haunch that lulls him into oblivion. The shearer rotates him into this position and then with six swipes of his shears, the wool is off. No pain. Sheep eat more after they are sheared so, I guess it has its benefits.

Factoid: After the Gulf oil spill, grade B wool (the dirty outer layer) was sold to the clean up crew because sheep wool absorbs oil. Neat fact, HUH? And a good use for something that was not being used and was natural.

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