Friday, May 30, 2014


The Portland Trailblazers made it to the first round of the playoffs this year. This was totally awesome after a few years out. Houston had home court advantage because they had a better season record. However, the Blazers won the first two games in Houston. At home we split so we were up 3-1 but back to Houston where we lost the 5th game. In Portland with .9 (that's nine-tenths, folks)left on the clock we were down by 2. Batum was bringing the ball in to LA supposedly. LA was over covered and Lillard found a way to get free, received the ball, turned and let it rip. The clock ran out while the ball was in the air. SWOOSH the ball found its mark. Blazers win by 1. 99-98. Bye-bye to the Houston Rockets. Way to go, Damian and Rip City. This was the perfect kit to scrap this story. It's called OMG by Anna Aspnes.

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