Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I have an evil twin. Her name is Elena. Her story needs telling, and so I did.

I am a fairly ordinary person. I like coffee and tea, both with cream. I like soup and salad, I like meat and fish. I like cookies and cake. I like white wine. I like tennis and golf. I like technology. I like my I-Phone. I like sunshine. Rain, not so much. So you see, nothing out of the ordinary here. Things roll along pretty smoothly for me but every once in awhile this gal shows up who just frankly, gets in my way. Her name is Elena. I might be playing tennis, hitting some good shots and then she comes along and has to put the game in overdrive and send balls flying out of the court or into the net. My tennis coach says she can’t come to any lessons because she doesn’t pay. Same with golf. I will be driving the ball straight down the middle, avoiding sand traps and the like and then this chick shows up and BAM! before I know it I’m in a lake. She runs up my score amazingly quickly. SUCKS!
 She’s the one who always reaches for the fourth cup of coffee or the third glass of wine or the second cookie. She’s also the one who cheats on my diet. Damn her! Thank God she doesn’t cheat on my taxes. She’s the one who curses. Well, OK, maybe I do a little too but she’s the one who blurts out things without thinking. Not me! I love a good retort. She says sarcasm is her second language. She forgets peoples names. I would never do that. I’m always on time. She pushes the limit. We do both love to laugh...at each other mostly. I’m never quite sure what to do with her but then again, life wouldn’t be the same without her. Afterall, she is my evil twin!


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