Monday, October 15, 2012

Business as Usual

I began the year thinking I would join the 365ers...well 366ers this year. I had the best intentions and did well when I was in the desert because the weather is so outside-able (new word). When I returned to Portland and it rained for 3 more months, the concept began to fade. I am going to share some of my LOs here over the next few weeks. I think I like better the idea of a theme and finding 5 new ways to get the image. But then, these images tell a whole lot about what I was doing back in the first few days of the new year.

The text reads: Capturing the new year with the first two digits of my house beloved Christmas Camellia from a new perspective and I love the shadowing...Quicken bill pay-is that an oxymoron?--changes that need to be made...ahh! back on the tennis courts after the holiday season and a nice victory for the team...jury duty can be a drag but walking back from lunch I spot these giant sequoias on the court house grounds which almost makes the day worthwhile...saw a suggestion on the net that one should always use the good stuff. I am reminded of my mothers “good” china which sat boxed in the basement of my previous house waiting for the right time. I broke it out in Portland and use it every day...lace from my mother’s wedding dress which will be sent to my niece for use as something old at her wedding 72 years later.

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