Sunday, September 16, 2012

St Louis Foodies

Well sort of... 

After flying all day, St. Louis favorites beckoned. I am pretty sure this was not the most healthy meal plan of the week but it sure satisfied our nostalgia. First stop is Rigazzi’s, home of the fishbowl and toasted ravioli. When I emailed the pic of Rick to the kids from the joint, they all asked the same question. Did you get toasted ravioli? Well, duh! 

After driving around and looking at all of the houses we ever lived in and a few other spots, we visited Ted Drewes, of course. Concretes, the precursor to DQ Blizzard’s by about 50 years, must be the #1 seller. Five sizes and 50 gazillion flavor combos, how to choose? No I did not eat that big one pictured over there>>>>>>>> but YUMMO to whomever did. As a point of reference, they always serve them upside down. Ah, digestion, be my friend.

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Anna Aspnes said...

Love how you are using the templates Elaine. TFS :) More templates coming :)