Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Walk About in Portland

On a recent walking tour in my home city, we were reintroduced to some of the things Portland is known for:
  • Pioneer Square, Portland’s living room where people lounge about during nice weather, 
  • rose gardens in the city park blocks, 
  • food carts and 
  • bicycles galore. 
  • Public art abounds. Portlandia is the second largest copper statue, second only to the Statue of Liberty. The Quest, aka Three Groins in the Fountain and Allow Me, aka Umbrella Man are fun to visit and enjoyed by all. 
  • Green Portland is at it’s finest. An electric car in a charging station, and a trash can that compacts trash and sends a signal when it needs to be emptied. 
  • The Heathman, one of the oldest hotels in town. 
  • The MAX train, coming and going. 
  • The weather vane, which predicts the weather. A dragon at the top means rain, a sun means, well, sunshine, and a blue heron means the default Portland day - gray drizzle. It comes to life and makes it's prediction most days at noon. 
  • and the tiniest park in the world, Mill Ends Park, with a total area of 452 sq in. Life is good! 
  • street side dining at Veritable Quandry with friends

Remembering the day and scrapping the trip!

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