Friday, January 6, 2012

Paraparaumu--Easy for You to Say!

This was our first golf outing and for me it would prove to be the toughest. NZ courses are different than here. There was no driving range to speak of. We took a long drive out back and hit balls off of mats into a net. You had no idea how far you were hitting or even if you were accurate. At least we warmed up our golf muscles.

It was so windy that sometimes I felt like my drive landed behind the tee. Not really but sure seemed so. The locals knew to keep the ball low. It was men's day and I am pretty certain I was the only female at the course. Our hosts, Richard and Brian, were nice and friendly. Rick overwhelmed them with his game but they were underwhelmed by mine.

After lunch, we headed north east toward a town called Palmerston North. Rick is awesome about stopping along the way for me to snap photos. I love wind turbines andI share some with you here.

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