Friday, July 22, 2011

Milford Sound - part 1

This is my favorite photo of all however there were so many it was difficult to decide...

We arrived to rainfall and a bit of disappointment because of it. Our guides assured us that rain in the sound is spectacular because of the waterfalls it creates. Our home for one night was the Milford Wanderer. We ate two meals on board and slept on bunks in tiny little cabins. It felt like camp and it captivated me. No cell service, no cable, no laptops...just the three of us. Conversation was our entertainment. I highly recommend it.

After putting away our things and generally getting our bearings, we had the choice of a boat ride in Harrison Cove and history tour or kayaking. The water was 40F and so we chose the boat. Our Maori guide was a delightful storyteller and so we learned the history of Milford. He spotted penguins on the shore and quickly took us to the sighting. Totally FUN!

The next morning I got up just before sunrise (and the sun did rise on this magnificent day) and took a load of wonderful pictures. After breakfast, we sailed to the Tasman sea. It was choppy and would have been better done before breakfast. haha. The slow ride home took us past all the waterfalls we had been promised the day before as well as seals and dolphins that watched our every move.

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